Legalizing Cannabis Doesn’t Increase Teenage Use, Brand New Study Discovers a brand new research has shown that legalizing medical cannabis will not cause a boost in the recreational utilization of the drug by adolescents. This result contradicts claims by many people opponents that cannabis reform legislation is only going to result in an increase in… Read more »


At a Glimpse: Cannabis in Japan – Part 2 Cannabis in Japan is quite unlawful, and regardless of the country’s rich cannabis tradition and history, it offers used among the harshest cannabis rules among developed nations. Health cannabis in Japan Like most other nation, Japan needs a medical cannabis system. Plus it might also need… Read more »

California’s newly regulated cannabis industry to utilize compliance pc computer software from Simplifya for faster licensing California includes a newly managed cannabis industry and, so as to makeits licensing process faster and more convenient, the continuing state would be making use of A state-of-the-art management and accountability system and conformity computer software from Simplifya. Simplifya… Read more »

У берегов Сирии терпит бедствие новейший российский фрегат «Адмирал Григорович» Но онлайн-портал Адмирал ХХХ находит подход к каждому клиенту. Здесь можно увлекательно провести досуг, насладиться разнообразными азартными играми, получить дозу адреналина и заметно пополнить бюджет. Мы не уверены, что после выборов нам не отдадут нелегальный приказ сдать оружие”, — адмирал (видео. Александр ЛЕВИТ, «ФАКТЫ» (Одесса. Межведомственная комиссия займётся расследованием ЧП с… Read more »